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Soul, beautify thyself

The INUIT of Alaska, Canada and Greenland
Forfatter:Ole Jørgensen

An investigation of the native people of Alaska, Canada and Greenland.

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When the first edition of SOUL, BEAUTIFY THYSELF appeared, the renowned Danish Keeper of National Antiquities P. V. Glob stated in the Danish newspaper Politiken:

We call the hunters, who have lived along the southern coasts of the Arctic Sea for thousands of years, Eskimos – but the name is new. It does not appear until 1611 in a Jesuit priest’s account of the people to the north of the Indians. The name he used is ‘eskimautsik’: those who eat raw meat. To themselves they are INUIT: human beings. This outstanding book deals with those Inuit who live in the coastal areas of Alaska, Canada and Greenland.

  • Originaltitel: Sjæl gør dig smuk
  • ISBN: 9788779554801
  • Oversætter: Steen Fiil Christensen and Karina Møller